Are the membership dues a one-time fee, or do I pay it annually?
Dues are collected annually or every two years. It is your choice. There is a discount in membership dues if you choose a two-year membership. Please refer to our membership page for more information on membership dues and benefits.
I am currently in school and have limited funds. Do you provide a student rate?
NYAVA offers a student rate of $45/per year. This represents a discount of $15 off the standard individual membership rate.
How long is a membership active?
Your membership is active as long as you continue to pay your dues. If you are not sure when your membership expiration date is, please reach out to an NYAVA representative.
Will I be notified when my membership is expiring?
Yes. You will receive a membership renewal notification via email. We ask you to update your email in our member database whenever there are changes to your contact information so that we may stay in touch with you. You can do this by logging into our Member Community page or by e-mailing [email protected] with your updated information.
Do I need to be in volunteer management to join NYAVA?
No. We welcome members from all areas of employment. NYAVA's membership includes individuals working in the nonprofit, public and private sectors as well as consultants, agency executives, trainers, researchers, development directors, and human resources personnel.
Is NYAVA membership open to organizations and individuals outside of the New York City area?
Yes. NYAVA welcomes members from outside of the New York City area. All members are granted the same benefits and pay the same dues.
Is the NYAVA membership organizational or individual?
Your organization may join NYAVA and designate up to two members of the organization to receive the membership benefits or you may join NYAVA as an individual. Please refer to our membership form for more information on membership dues and benefits.
I'm new to volunteer management and could use a little help. Is there anyone I can talk to?
Yes. As a NYAVA member you have access to our leadership who can help answer your questions, review documents or troubleshoot a specific issue you may be having. NYAVA also offers brown bag breakfasts with time devoted specifically to troubleshooting your concerns and questions with your colleagues. Finally, NYAVA offers professional development workshops throughout the year, some of which are geared specifically for new volunteer managers.
How often are courses provided? Is there a calendar of events I can review?
NYAVA typically offers 3-5 workshops per year, with one free workshop provided to members at the annual Members' Meeting in November. Please refer to our Professional Development page for information on current and past workshops or to our calendar of events for specific information on upcoming events.
How does the voucher system work?
Vouchers allow any NYAVA member to bring up to two colleagues to a workshop within the calendar year for free. NYAVA members must reach out to the NYAVA contact responsible for the event to confirm availability and voucher status for workshop of interest. 
I am interested in joining the Board. How long must I be a member before doing so?
You must be a member for one year prior to joining the Board. One of the best ways to learn about NYAVA, prior to running you to serve on the board, is to volunteer on a committee. Nominations to the Board are collected in the Fall of each year. Board members are elected annually at the November Members' Meeting for a one-year term. If you are interested in joining the Board please contact the Nominating Committee of the Board.
How can I get involved in committees or volunteer to support NYAVA?
All members are encouraged to join a NYAVA committee. NYAVA is fully operated by the work of volunteers and we need your help! We currently have several committees open for membership including the Professional Development Committee and Membership Committee. To learn more about the work of these committees or to join, please contact an NYAVA Board Member. If you would rather work on an individual project there is plenty to be done. We always need volunteers to help with our newsletter, our marketing efforts, presentations, organizing events, and much more. To volunteer for an individual project please contact us.